Bonus Competition January 2023

Gareth    January 10, 2023

Here are the scores and digital images for the bonus competition held on 5 January 2023.
The themes were “Farm Animals” & “Park Life and the images were judged by Andy Hyde.

1Cheryl FisherLong Horn Cow10
2Chris MillsNo Room at the Trough7
3Colin SouthwardSpot The Pig8.5
4Dan KeighleyHay hay it’s a new farm day8
5Dave RadfordBig Cow7.5
6David TristeWot U Looking at?8
7Debra WellsAlpacas – Jackson Jefferson and Jethro7.5
8Gareth KitchenerLanyon Quoit Cows9
9Gordon de SousaDejected Reindeer7.5
10Jenny ScottPeek-a-Moo7.5
11Jeremy LintottHighland Cow9.5
12John CrouchCow6
13Marcus JacksonOughtonhead Longhorn – Am I Too Close?9
14Mark DunsfordMorning Lamb9
15Mike O’NeillWho You Lookin’ At?9.5
16Mike ThompsonThe Poser – Longhorn Cow Oughtonhead9
17Moira SmithLonghorn8.5
18Simon BrayGoat7.5
19Simon MaddisonSerenading the Sow6
20Sue SouthwardPig7.5
21Terry LintonTaking a Break from the Farm7
22Thomas PedersenLong Horn at Oughtonhead9
23Toby ScottDairy Stare7
24Wendy DunsfordWhich HCC member surprised the cow?6.5
25Andy HydeLonghorn Grazingn/a
1Cheryl FisherJust Chillin’10
2Chris MillsFairlands Parklife9
3Dan KeighleySwinging in the Sun8
4Dave RadfordDaughter With Dad7
5David TristeSkate Life8
6Debra WellsAnglers Fishing Bays7
7Gareth KitchenerPriory Park Bedford7.5
8Gordon de SousaWinter at Fairlands9
9Jane EvansThe Heron7
10Jenny ScottWater off a duck’s… head8.5
11John CrouchSkate Park9.5
12Marcus JacksonBletchley Park9
13Mark DunsfordCrossing the Stream9
14Mike ThompsonThe Octagenarian Park Runner7.5
15Moira SmithMillenium Wood, Fairlands7.5
16Paul AbrahamBushey Park9.5
17Simon MaddisonPark Life Kolkata8
18Stefka LalevaPeacock in Jardins do Palacio de Crystal9
19Sue SouthwardFootball7.5
20Terry LintonAlternative Picnic in the Park6.5
21Thomas PedersenPark Run Copenhagen9
22Toby ScottPark Slide9
23Wendy DunsfordThis is my Park8
24Andy HydeThe Benchn/a