What our members say

We asked a number of our members including seasoned experts, those with a few years under their belts and this season’s newbies, what they thought about and what they got out of the Club. Here’s what our members said…


[I was] stuck and in need of inspiration…
I’ve always enjoyed photography. From ‘having a go’ with my dad’s camera as a young boy, to buying my first digital camera, it’s always been a hobby that has captured all parts of my life. I recently invested in a DSLR, and have enjoyed understanding it and working out what it is capable of.

After buying the camera I got to a point where I was taking the same type of pictures, essentially stuck and in need of inspiration.
This is where Hitchin Camera Club came to the rescue!

The friendly environment and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with great ‘assignments’ and technical nights is a perfect environment to move my photography onwards. 
With outside speakers visiting to give insight to different genres of photography, to club members giving advice and help, it has opened up a whole new world where just ‘having a go’ is all part of the fun! With a great variety of ages and interests, it’s a welcoming forum for all who want to get involved.


…maybe there’s a camera club near me?
I bought a DSLR camera in May 2018 and was pretty much taking photos of flowers in my garden, family and unsuspecting inanimate objects when I thought…maybe there’s a camera club near me. Sure enough Google presented Hitchin Camera Club. I made a phone call and found that they had split up for Summer but had organised a walkabout in Letchworth one evening. I decided to dip my toe in by attending and meeting a few members instead of blindly turning up to a meeting.

I needn’t have worried. I met a really welcoming and friendly group of around 10 people and we took some photos, chatted, shared experiences and tips then retired to the pub. The club meetings in Hitchin are something I look forward to. Friendly people all willing to share their knowledge and help with any questions. It’s so nice to enjoy a past time in the company of like-minded people. There are competitions at least once per month and also interesting guest speakers. I am very glad I took the step of contacting the club and became a member. Highly recommend anyone joining, even just turning up one Thursday evening to see what it’s all about.



[Hitchin Camera Club] inspired me and has given me ideas on photography that I would not have got online…
After buying my first DSLR camera this year and attending a short course on how to use it I decided to join Hitchin Camera Club in September 2018 so that I could gain experience and develop my interest in photography as a hobby. I was quite nervous being a novice photographer joining a club where members include professional and amateur photographers who have much more experience and knowledge than I had. I need not have worried as its a very welcoming club with members who are more than happy to share knowledge and help you with any questions. The competition nights are great fun with lots of positive and constructive feedback about the photos you have taken. There have been some excellent guest speakers on various topics and I am sure there is something for every photographer whatever your interest is, from Landscapes to Portraits to Natural History or Street photography. It has also inspired me and given me ideas on photography that I would not have gained from online or reading about it. Really pleased I took the step and joined.