People and Portraits Competition – January 2023

Gareth    January 14, 2023

Here are the scores and images from the People & Portraits competition held on 12 January 2023 and judged by Colin Southgate.

1Debra WellsGuitarist8.5
2Jeremy LintottTemptation7.5
3Gordon de SousaWe have Done it7.5
4Moira SmithJust Hanging Around8.5
5Greg CovingtonHunting Sea-Glass7.5
6Jenny ScottPhotography in Progress7
7Greg EvansThe Kick9
8Mike O’NeillThe Storyteller9
9Elizabeth ScottKids These Days8.5
10Toby ScottLost in Space9.5
11Tony FernsRecharging7
12Stefka LalevaRetro Girl9
13Janice McInallyI Don’t Like My Photo Taken but Look At Me103rd
14Cheryl FisherTrip The Light Fantastic9
15Dan KeighleyLockdown Day One10
16Jane EvansAlways be a little diva-like7.5
17Ian SmallMelancholy Moment9
18Joshua FarrowMystery Man7
19Terry LintonRomario9.5
20Mark DunsfordUgandan Girl9
21Wendy DunsfordThe Art of Making Fire8.5
22Lee PaineFan Tail Show Dancer10
23John CrouchImogen8.5
24Mike ThompsonIgnored – Street Scene Malaga9
25Simon MaddisonHugo8.5
26Dennis FensomePortrait of My Partner7.5
27Chris MillsSerenade to Youth9
28David TristeGirl on a Train10
29Thomas PedersenTesting out the Sewing Machine7.5
30Dave CheesmanYum Yum Aha9.5
31Andy HydeA Whole New World8
32Klara BarasevichHello Hitchin!7.5
33Debra WellsAlice in Wonderland8.5
34Jeremy LintottSpin Pass10
35Gordon de SousaThe Last Splash8
36Moira SmithOn Location8
37Greg CovingtonRescued7
38Jenny ScottOne Woman and Her Dog7.5
39Greg EvansSpy Kids8.5
40Mike O’NeillWindow to the Soul101st
41Toby ScottSplash9
42Tony FernsPicasso Portrait10
43Stefka LalevaMy Bestie9
44Janice McInallyHolding Hands9
45Cheryl FisherThe Joy of Bubbles9.5
46Jane EvansDrummie Zeb9
47Dan KeighleyFun at the Park8.5
48Ian SmallStanding Out8
49Terry LintonThis Time it Did8
50Mark DunsfordWaiting for the Train9.5
51Wendy DunsfordFlour From Cassava Plant8
52Lee PaineSinging From The Soul and Heart102nd
53John CrouchGirl With Balloons9.5
54Mike ThompsonThe Hitchin Town Football Fan and his Dog8
55Simon MaddisonMaija is Going Blind9
56Dennis FensomeZero Party 20168.5
57Chris MillsA Man’s Best Friend7.5
58David TristeSing Your Heart Out8.5
59Thomas PedersenSelfie While Suffering on Indoor Bike9.5
60Dave CheesmanThe Mechanic8
61Andy HydeOften Licked, Never Beaten8.5
62Klara BarasevichTautology8
63Dave RadfordEveryone Left Foot Forward7.5
64Dave RadfordBuddies on the Towpath8.5
1Moira SmithGer8
2Dave CheesmanOne Man Went To Mow7
3Simon MaddisonJakob and his Grandmother8.5
4Terry LintonLuise8.5
5Thomas PedersenSunday Morning In the Coffee Shop9
6Cheryl FisherMagical9.53rd
7Janice McInallyIt’s A Grey Day9
8Marcus JacksonThe Tudor Seamstress102nd
9Ian SmallBoys Toys7.5
10Debra WellsDrummer Lady7.5
11Dave RadfordDouble Grin8
12Andy HydeThe Flag Seller7.5
13Mike O’NeillIn Safe Hands101st
14Jane EvansKyle8
15Dave CheesmanAswan With His Prize8
16Simon MaddisonKerrine8
17Moira SmithTeddy Loves Tomatoes9
18Janice McInallyThe Joy of Winning a Competition6
19Terry LintonDuane8.5
20Dave RadfordSi Signor7.5
21Marcus JacksonThe Yeoman in the Alehouse9.5
22Mike O’NeillA Grandmothers Love8
23Ian SmallYou Did What?8.5
24Cheryl FisherThe Flick9
25Andy HydeWho Says You Need A Cash Card7.5
26Debra WellsFamily Against Lavender8.5
27Thomas PedersenCharge9