The Committee

Like all clubs, Hitchin Camera Club has a committee that work hard to bring together the club evenings, and to ensure the smooth running of our different events.

Chairman – vacant

Terry Linton and Marcus Jackson are joint Vice Chairmen and currently performing the duties of Chairman.

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img_7837-2_medSecretary – Terry Linton

A relative new-comer to the club, Terry is regular attendee at our meetings and has a special interest in “urb-ex’ing” (urban exploration). Terry is also our liaison to the Garden House Hospice arranging for us to get “All Areas” access for their fund raising events.

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Treasurer – Tony Maynard-Smith

Another long running club member, Tony has contributed to the club for many years, and has now taken on the role of treasurer. Tony has a particular interest in panoramas and photo-stitching, and is skilled in Photoshop and other photo-editing tools.

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Competition Secretary – Gareth Kitchener

Gareth is one of the club’s longest standing members and one of the most active in running the club. Gareth’s photography has a distinctive style, and he’s famous for his ability to publish the competition results before some members have even got home.

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Joint Programme Secretary – Marcus Jackson

Marcus is also a relative new comer to the club having only been a member for the last 5 years, but contributes to the club in many ways and is a regular attendee at our club evenings.

Marcus will often act as Master of Ceremonies, when our chairman isn’t available or is presenting.

Thin white Joint Programme Secretary – Steve Granger

Steve is famous for his “little people” shots and is an experienced wedding photographer.

Steve works with Marcus to ensure we have interesting a varied programme, liaising with our speakers, so they know where to find us, and we know all about their presentations.

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Committee Member 
– Tom Salmond

Tom has been a member of the club for many years and contributes to our club evenings and the running of the Club, including the web site.

Thin whiteCommittee Member – Jeremy Lintott

Jeremy has been a club member for a number of years and is a consistently high scorer in competition.

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Man_Silhouette_clip_art_smallCommittee Member – Emma Porter

Emma is our most recent recruit to the committee. She takes part in many of the practical events we run and has been working with Tony to be our stand-in Treasurer is required.

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