Members Minis

“Member’s Mini’s” are all about opening the floor up to the club members themselves and sharing skills and experience. Like the Tutorial nights Member’s Mini’s are a home-grown evening where anyone in the club can do a short presentation (perhaps 5 or 10 minutes) on a photographic subject of their choice.

Member’s Mini’s are a very informal evening, and even if you’ve never presented to a group before, you’ll find us a welcoming audience.

Some of our recent Member’s Mini’s include;

Introduction to Bromoil – Maia McDougal
This was a superb and completely unexpected presentation from one of our newest members. Maia described the Bromoil process, and gave some insights into a very definitely “old skool” technique for tinting “wet prints”.

Adding Shadows and Highlights – Dan Keighley
As one of our newer members we were delighted when Dan offered to speak describing how he adds shadows and highlights (or what us old school photo printers would call Dodging and Burning) to his images. Dan gave a step by step demonstration in Photo-Shop, and supported his presentation with some notes to take away!

An Introduction to a light field or plenoptic Camera – Andy Hyde
In this presentation Andy showed us a rather unusual camera, where unlike most you can re-focus the image after you’ve taken the shot. This gives some fantastic opportunities in post-processing, but also amazing control over depth of field.

Christmas at the Baptist Church – Sam Hallas
Sam is famous within the club for his AV (Audio visual) work. In this presentation he showed a series of images put to music with a commentary, which was a great way to show case some images.

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