Welcome to the showcase.

Here you’ll find some of the best pictures taken by our members, and their personal websites.
This is the web site of our chairman. Here you can see a selection of his work, and read about the photographic services he offers.
Here you’ll find our Competition secretary’s photography blog where he shares his recent photos.
Rafe is one of our most active former members, here you can see see images from Rafe Abrook Photography and the services he offers.
Simon is keen member of the club and takes a particular interest in People and Street Photography. On his FlickR page you’ll find a series of different posts showing people he’s met and places his seen from his travels around the country and the world.

This a blog from one of our most recent members Martin and shows some of wildlife photos taken near Hitchin

Here you’ll find a selection of Jeremy’s excellent wildlife, landscape and ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) images.

This FlickR page shows a number of Black and white Street photography images from Chris Mills.

Enjoy the Slide Show…