During the Camera Club year from September to May we hold a number of club competitions. These are held about once a month and each competition will either have a specific subject (for example “Water” or “People and Portraits”) or be “Open” where anything is allowed. Your challenge is to take pictures which illustrate the theme, and demonstrate both your artistic skill and your technical prowess. Competitions are popular with our members and always well attended.

Our judges are completely independent of the club and will have completed and passed a recognised judging course organised by the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies (

During the judging process the judge will comment on your image, recognising the best points but also offering constructive comments on how to make the image even better. Having assessed the image the judge will give a score and for certain competitions pick a winner and runner-up. At the end of the year the scores for prints and digital will be tallied and the prizes awarded to the overall winner and runner-up as well as the winners in the individual competitions (click here to see the current list of trophies).

Check out the Forthcoming Events page to see what the next competition is and when.

Entering Competitions

For guidance on subject matter open the Club Competitions Menu option and select Definitions. Here you’ll find a list of our current and previous competition subjects and some example shots.

For guidance on entering a competition click here but remember your competition entries need to be sent to competitions[at] and must arrive no later than the Tuesday before the competition.

Number of Entries
It’s worth noting that we place a limit on the number of entries each member is allowed for each competition, this ensures that the judge has adequate time to speak about each individual shot. Most competitions allow 2 digital images, and 2 prints, however in the Natural History and Panel competitions are digital only and you can have up to 3  entries in Natural  History, and 2 Panels.

Here are some competition entries from a recent Nature competition

Here are some competition entries from a recent Open competition

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