Shadows Competition December 2022

Gareth    December 3, 2022

Here are the scores and images for the Shadows competition held on 1 December 2022 and judged by Colin Strong.

Projected ImagesNameTitleScore
1Mike O’NeillThe Interrogation8.5
2Sue SouthwardGoose6.5
3Debra WellsBehind The Beach Huts7.5
4Cheryl FisherAnyone For Tea?9
5Tony FernsNigella8.5
6Steve GrangerLeaf8
7Gordon de SousaDouble Shadow8.5
8Jenny ScottPalm Trees to the Beach7
9Greg EvansSunset on the Shore6
10Terry LintonDune Trecking9.5
11Elizabeth ScottShadow of a Dinosaur7
12Toby ScottA Creature of the Shadows8
13Moira SmithNailed8.5
14Ian SmallLarger Than Life8.5
15Maija McDougalJack10
16Simon MaddisonWith Vivian Maier9
17David TristePoles Apart7.5
18Andy HydeA Load of Bollards7
19Thomas PedersenShadows on the Moon8.5
20Lee PaineSpot the Difference9
21Mike ThompsonAfternoon Shadows8.5
22Dave CheesmanGeranium Wall Planters8.5
23Dave RadfordBless You!9
24Greg CovingtonToe the Line9.5
25John CrouchThe Wedding Band9.5
26Janice McInallyWolf Shadow8.5
27Chris MillsLady in White6.5
28Mike O’NeillInto The Shadows8.5
29Sue SouthwardChasing Pigeons6
30Debra WellsUp In The Air8
31Cheryl FisherLove Tea10
32Tony FernsFreesias and their Shadows8.5
33Steve GrangerPolytunnel7
34Gordon de SousaThe Forth Plinth10
35Jenny ScottWalking the Dog9.5
36Greg EvansStanding Amongst the Shadows7.5
37Terry LintonMillenium Mills8
38Elizabeth ScottBlood Red Shadows8
39Toby ScottClose to the Hole9
40Moira SmithChairs and Tables8.5
41Ian SmallGolden Marching Ant8.5
42Simon MaddisonVenice8
43David TristeSunny Side6.5
44Andy HydeSun and Shadow6
45Thomas PedersenChurch Window Light Breaking up the Shadows9.5
46Lee PaineShadow Dancer8.5
47Mike ThompsonCapturing Light in the Shadows8.5
48Dave CheesmanTwig Christmas Tree Shadows8
49Dave RadfordTandem8.5
50Greg CovingtonLong Shadows8.5
51John CrouchThe Chair10
52Janice McInallyFurca Umbra8
53Chris MillsShadows in the Flow8.5
1Moira SmithFive Gold Pears Sitting in the Sun8.5
2Ian SmallFennel Flower Show8.5
3Steve GrangerShadows of the Lost9
4Debra WellsWar Memorial for Mercantile Marines, Tower Hill7.5
5David RadfordMind That Lamppost9
6Thomas PedersenBrick Shadows on the Broadway7.5
7Mike O’NeillA Shadowy Figure8.5
8Cheryl FisherDark Angel9
9Dave CheesmanPerforming Forks10
10Janice McInallyOne for Two9.5
11Andrew HydeSun Sand and Shadows9
12Terry LintonCairnforth Station7.5
13Steve GrangerTexting9
14Ian SmallOptical Illusion9
15John CrouchGolden Glow9.5
16Moira SmithConverging Shadows8.5
17Debra WellsQueen Mary Court9
18Dave CheesmanShadows of Malbec9.5
19Sue SouthwardUnder the Benches8.5
20Thomas PedersenFungi in the Sun and Shadows8.5
21Terry LintonWrest Park8.5
22Cheryl FisherVenetian Shadow10
23Janice McInallyLong Winter Sun Shadows8.5
24David RadfordThe Way We Walk These Days7.5
25Andrew HydeHashtag MC Escher9.5
26Mike O’NeillIn the Shadows of the Trees7.5
27John CrouchAt the Seaside7