Assignment Nights

Another of our most popular evenings are the Assignment nights. Here you have 6 weeks to prepare up to 6 digital images that answer 2 photographic challenges.

The subjects for the Assignment Nights are set by our chairman Andy Hyde, who aims to provide one subject which is relatively straight-forward, and a second which is much more challenging. It’s entirely up to the members whether they choose to tackle both subjects or just one.

On the Assignment night each of the photos are shown in a random order and the authors get to talk about their picture. We actively encourage discussion during the evening and it’s a great opportunity for you as the audience can ask about how and why the shots were taken, and to get the inside information on any special techniques or equipment the photographer used.

One thing we always stress at Assignment night is that it’s about taking part, not the quality of the final image. If you find you’re struggling to achieve a particular effect bring your near misses along and ask the other members for their guidance.

Submitting Entries for an assignment night

To submit your entries for assignment night simply email them to Gareth using the assignment email

Some recent Assignment Night themes include;

Holes 2956

This assignment required the author to take pictures of holes. The photographer could use any style of image including any post-processing they choose.

Learn more about this assignment night by clicking here.

Flaming Cocktail 2025

In November one of the Assignment night subjects was fire. As with all Assignment nights the author had complete freedom about how to interpret the brief.


The One Shot Challenge
Not all assignment nights are based around a particular subject. Some require the photographer to demonstrate specific techniques, or to shoot within certain constraints.

For this assignment subject the photographer could post process their image in any way they liked, however for each subject they were only allowed to take one image, as if they were an old time photographer with just a single plate to expose.