Black & White Film developing and scanning service (and NOW Colour)

Film photography is enjoying a resurgence at the moment with many photographers looking to go back to more traditional ways of making images.

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As many of you know I’ve very much been caught up in this and plan to shoot film exclusively for the 2022-2023 club season and (after quite a bit of practise to fine tune my technique) I’m now able to offer HCC members a Black and White film developing and scanning service.

At present I’m able to offer the following services;

  • Black and White film development ONLY for 35mm, 120 and 620 films
    Available for £5 per film.
  • Black and White film development and Basic scan (approx. 5 Megapixels) for 35mm, 120 and 620 films.
    Available for £10 per film.
  • Black and White film development and Hi Res scan (approx. 30 Megapixels) for 120 and 620 films.
    Available for £15 per film.


I’m now able to offer Colour C41 (colour negative) processing, which is available at an additional £3 per film.


I’m now able to offer B&W printing up to 8″ X 10″, including mounting. This is a bespoke service so please ask for a quote.

What you get..

  • I aim to turn your films around in a few days, but definitely within a week.
  • Negatives will be returned to you in Hama Negative sleeves.
  • For the scanning service I “scan” the negatives by placing them on a light box, and shooting them in RAW, I then convert this into a ready to use JPEG.
    • For a Basic scan I shoot one image per negative giving approximately a 5 Megapixel images
    • For a High Res scan I shoot 2-3 images of the images and stitch these together, giving a negative of approximately 30 megapixels
      n.b. High Res scans are not available for 35mm

For details contact Andy Hyde

  • Via the club’s WhatsApp
  • 07917 154808

Example Scans

Here are a couple of scans so you can see the quality.

14 X3 March 2022 639 Pano 2
Example “Hi Res” Scan from 120 (6X4.5 negative)
35mm 012
Example of a “Basic” scan from 35mm

Copyright of the images is of course yours, however I will retain any digital scans as a back-up for a period of time.

In the event of a processing error on my part I will replace your film.