Tutorial Nights

We have a great deal of skill and experience within the club and we encourage our members to share with the other members through Tutorial Nights.

On tutorial nights, the evening is split into two halves allowing two 45 minute presentations. The subjects are chosen by the speakers and include a wide range of subjects. Some presentations may be technical discussing different aspects of photographic equipment, or techniques in Photo shop, while others may include a talk illustrated with prints or digital images by the photographer.

Again, like many of Hitchin Camera Club’s events, Tutorial nights are about sharing and learning and we positively encourage members to ask questions and to join in the discussions.

On a smaller scale, we have Members’ Minis where 10 minute slots are available to talk about a photography-related subject. Learn about Members’ Minis here.

Some of our recent Tutorials include;

Wedding Photography – Rafe Abrook

Here Rafe Abrook (of Abrook Photography) one of the profession photographers within the club gave a presentation how he set-up and staged a number of his most popular wedding shots.

Triptychs – Andy Hyde
One of our regular competitions is known as the Panel competition where we ask our members to submit a number of images as a set, which are then judged together. One of the challenges new members face is learning how to make that single composite image from 3 photos.

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For this tutorial Andy Hyde gave a PowerPoint presentation describing what a Triptych is (a panel of 3 images shown together) which showed some historical examples of triptychs, different ways (themes) to link the images and different layouts. This was followed by demonstrations in Photoshop and Picasa to explain how to merge the images.

Click here to see a description of the Panel competition.

Introduction to Fill-in Flash – Andy Hyde

Using flash is something many photographers shy away from, however in this presentation Andy explained the benefits and limitations of using the pop-up flash on your camera as a fill-in.

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