One of the aims of Hitchin Camera Club is to encourage our members to get out and take pictures. Within the Inspiration section of the web site you’ll find a number of articles intended to do just that.

The articles are divided into the following sections and be accessed via the Inspiration menu.

What to Shoot
Here you’ll find articles suggesting different photographic projects, or simply some inspirational images to try and reproduce, or to put your own spin on.

When to Shoot
This area is intended to be a diary of upcoming events in the local area which may be good photographic opportunities. If you know of something that’s coming up, don’t forget to share.

Where to Shoot
With beautiful towns and countryside surrounding Hitchin, there are lots of great places to shoot. Here you’ll find details and some example shots about specific locations you might like to visit.

How to Shoot
Within the How to Shoot section you’ll find notes on different techniques to try.

Although photography isn’t about the kit – it’s about what you do with it – the idea of getting something new is always appealing, so here you’ll find some articles about different photography-related products.

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Hcc Logo 2

Interesting Links
The Internet is a large and bewildering place. Here you’ll find links to photographers’ and photography web sites which may be of interest.