Around half of our evenings are lectures where we invite guest speakers to present to us. The speakers are often professional photographers who talk about their photographs or specific photographic techniques.

Some of our recent speakers include;

Dave Rudeforth
“High Speed Photography” https://www.idtvision.com

“This was an absolutely brilliant presentation. Dave started with an introduction to the history of high-speed photography taking us through the technology as it developed explaining the challenges of shooting at ultra high speed and showing some truly remarkable pieces of slow motion video. Dave brought along a number of cameras and some portable lighting so the evening culminated with shooting a live demo at 4000 frames per second”

Click here to see an example of Dave’s work.

Jane Goodall 
“The Beautiful Light” http:/www.thebeautifullight.co.uk

Jane’s presentation was delightful with some wonderful images and some great insights into the tools and techniques she uses”.

Viveca Koh ARPS
“Urban Exploration to Fine Art” http://www.vivecakohphotography.co.uk/

“Viveka’s stories and background to the locations she used were only topped by her fantastic images turning what some might see as decay and ruin into things of beauty.”

Ken Sullivan
“Underwater Photography” http://www.kensunderwaterphotography.com

“Ken was a great presenter and was able to interleave his considerable knowledge of the techniques and challenges of underwater photography, with some amazing underwater shots including both wrecks and the fascinating and colourful creatures of the deep.

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