Plastic Free Hitchin

Hitchin camera club is pleased to announce that it’s been accepted to join Plastic Free Hitchin.

The Plastic Free Communities scheme is run by Surfers Against Sewage, about 800 communities across the UK are involved, and we are working to get Hitchin accredited and reduce single use plastics around the town. In order to do this we need to sign up businesses and community groups.

Within the camera club we’ve always looked to run the club in an environmentally responsible manner, and as such over the past few years we’ve made a number of changes to reduce our impact on the world which of course benefits us as photographers, including the following;

  • All of our marketing material are date free/price free/location free, so can be used until exhaustion.
  • Even though many of the Corvid restrictions have been removed we continue to live stream our meetings allowing members to attend our events remotely thus reducing the use of fossil fuels.
  • Although we don’t currently offer drinks to our members we considered very carefully how to minimise waste when we did, If we do re-start drinks a service we’ll use recycleable/re-usable cups again.
  • Our members pack is date free and only printed as needed and is available electronically (here)
  • Our signs are laminated so they can be re-used.
  • Club communication is electronic – again not consuming paper and reducing the need for postal deliveries
Sas Plastic Free Pledge

We strongly urge our members, visitors and guests to consider the environment and to minimise waste.

If you’d like to learn more about Plastic Free Hitchin, the following links may be of use;