Favourite Suppliers

It’s always difficult to find the best places for service or prices, especially if you want both at the same time, so here are a few suggestions for our favourite suppliers as suggested by members of the club*.

RK Photo Limited “The Darkroom”

RK Photo sell an amazing selection of films and black and white processing equipment. Looking around the shop was trip down memory lane for me and the first time in years I’ve seen so many different types of film immediately available.

RK Photo Ltd – The Darkroom

Camera World

Local photographic supplier in Stevenage old town (previously known as Digital Depot), who have provided good service to members in the past, and are also a past sponsor of the club.  As well as the shop they have a good range of online sales.


Premier Ink & Photographic of Leamington Spa

Recommended by one of our members Premier Ink offer a wide range of photographic supplies including ink, Photo paper, frames, and many different photo accessories and all the little photo gadgets you might need. They also offer a next day postal service


WEX Photographic

Probably one of the biggest online photographic suppliers in the county, WEX offer pretty much everything you can imagine, and most of the things you can’t. WEX have an excellent range of second hand equipment.


SRS Micro Systems

Located at the top of Watford High Street SRS is what I’d call a real camera shop. Staffed by people who know what they’re talking about SRS have a good range of stock, including a curiously large of tripods. There’s a large second hand section and being a “Proper” camera shop they’ll let you play with things and are happy to answer your questions.



Located in the old town Stevenage Q-Tek offer a range of computer services including repairs and upgrades, and of course new and custom built computer systems and accessories.



Simlab are an online printing company based just down the A1 in Hatfield, used by a number of our members. SimLab offer a wide variety of printing services, including a variety of paper types and their competition sized prints are extremely competitive price-wise. They offer effectively a next day service, but if you want you can collect your prints from the lab itself.


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