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Complete this form to send a comment or question, or contact one of the people below if you know who you wish to talk to.

Andy Hyde Mob: 07917.154.808
Email the Chairman using chair[at] 

Marcus Jackson Mob: 07590.687.119

Simon Bray
Email the Treasurer using treasurer[at]

Any general messages for the club can be sent to info[at]

Competition Secretary
Send Assignment Night entries to assignments[at]
Send Competition Entries to competitions[at]

Programme Secretary
Steve Granger Mob: 07710.535.206
Email the Programme Secretary at programme[at]

Membership Secretary
Jeremy Lintott Tel: 07971.993.738

Committee Members
Tom Salmond Tel: 01462.435.950
Rosemary Kitchener Tel: 01462.813.018
Dave Radford

If you have general information to send to the Club, please send a message to info[at]   

If you want to contact Committee members about a specific matter, where possible please contact Officers via email at committee[at] cropped-New-HCC-Logo.png