About Our Evenings

Although each evening will be slightly different we follow a standard pattern;

  • PEOPLE - Gareth - Little FlowerMembers arrive from 7:30 to help set-up the room (setting out chairs etc.)
  • At 7:45 the meeting will open with a short introduction
  • The first half starts
    For a competition this would usually be the digital entries
  • Around 8:45 we take a coffee break and do our announcements about what’s coming-up and what’s going on in the club. This is where we also recognise our member’s achievements. We ask that everyone takes a turn helping out in the kitchen
  • We then have part 2 of the evening.
    On a competition night this is when we’d do the prints
  • We finish at around 9:45, and thank our speaker or judge. Then everyone helps pack-up at the end of the evening