Monochrome Competition November 2022

Gareth    November 10, 2022

Here are the scores and images from the Monochrome competition, held on 10 November 2022 and judged by Ben Pike.

Projected Images
1John CrouchTawny Owl7.5
2Chris MillsWherever I Lay My Hat8
3Andy HydeFish For Sale5.5
4Dave CheesmanHuangshan8
5Colin SouthwardSeat One5
6Wendy DunsfordOcelot7.5
7Janice McInallyJess8.5
8Steve NewberryA-Spire To Heaven6
9Dave RadfordATA Press6
10Thomas PedersenWaterdrop on Corrugated Leaf7
11David TristeReflection of Power9
12Simon MaddisonAlice9.5
13Lee PaineArchway Art8.5
14Steve GrangerCurves7.5
15Greg CovingtonHouse on the Hill7
16Moira SmithWaiting for the tide5.5
17Toby ScottThe Railwayman6.5
18Elizabeth ScottMisty Morning on Windmill Hill6
19Mike ThompsonBig Sky, Brightlingsea8
20Joshua FarrowLovely Lake7.5
21Terry LintonStones, Leaves and Feather6
22Dan KeighleyCastle on the Hill7
23Ian SmallSteam Power8
24Tony FernsPoint to Point – Old Tools7.5
25Debra WellsCottage By The Lake8
26Sue SouthwardBench7
27Mike O’NeillCloisters9.5
28Caroline WestMechanical Joy6.5
29Greg EvansAdmiring The Vast Expanse of Rock7
30Cheryl FisherBournemouth Pier7
31Tom SalmondMorning Reflections6.5
32Jeremy LintottHint of a Tree101st
33Jenny ScottHere’s Looking at you Kid7.5
34Gordon de SousaEstate Bridge5.5
35John CrouchLocked In9
36Chris MillsBlack and Chrome6
37Andy HydeThe Day The Earth Caught Fire6
38Dave CheesmanSpitsbergen Glacier7.5
39Colin SouthwardUpper Eskdale8
40Wendy DunsfordMountain Gorilla8
41Janice McInallyJonny102nd
42Steve NewberryWots on tonight, Mum?7
43Dave RadfordDisaster Three6.5
44Thomas PedersenWhat’s on your mind, little fella9
45Simon MaddisonNo Rain This Year8
46Lee PaineThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines7.5
47Steve GrangerThe Eve of Battle8.5
48Greg CovingtonWelsh Village7
49Moira SmithPegs and Rails7
50Toby ScottOff To The Surf7.5
51Elizabeth ScottPiazza Navonna6
52Mike ThompsonMusic Makes You Happy8.5
53Terry LintonWeeping Beech Tree6.5
54Dan KeighleyQuiet in Greyfriars6
55Ian SmallJanuary Afternoon at Therfield8
56Tony FernsThe End of the Pier7
57Debra WellsRooftops Through Castle Window5
58Sue SouthwardShadow8
59Mike O’NeillSmudge, enjoying the sea breeze8.5
60Caroline WestWeekend Life – Whitby6
61Greg EvansTowards The Light103rd
62Cheryl FisherViking Warrior7
63Tom SalmondAbandoned7
64Jeremy LintottPhantom of the Brook9.5
65Jenny ScottHungry Robin Caught Snacking5.5
66Gordon de SousaScramble7.5
1Moira SmithLupin Stars7
2Ian SmallFountains Abbey Cellarium102nd
3Steve GrangerAcer Leaves, Cyanotype8.5
4Debra WellsReflection Through Orb8
5Simon MaddisonJakub9.5
6David RadfordPulling Out the Big Guns6
7Thomas PedersenMist and Rain in Edinburgh9
8Mike O’NeillThe Rise of the Machine6.5
9Cheryl FisherOut of Time6
10Jeremy LintottWet Feather8
11Dave CheesmanSvalbard Coast8.5
12Greg CovingtonThe Lonely Sea7.5
13Sue SouthwardTree at Sunset5
14Janice McInallyLook Into My Eyes8.5
15Colin SouthwardLing Cove Bridge, Upper Eskdale5.5
16Andrew HydeClosed For the Winter Season7
17Terry LintonAntelope Canyon6
18Marcus JacksonBronze Age Rock Art, Northumberland7.5
19Steve GrangerUndercroft8.5
20Simon MaddisonBearded Man8
21Ian SmallUnder the Arches8.5
22John CrouchThe White Hart8
23Moira SmithPloughed6
24Jeremy LintottThe Softness of Down103rd
25Debra WellsTwo Doors and No Entry7.5
26Dave CheesmanCastello Ruffo de Scilla Calabria7.5
27Sue SouthwardSeed5.5
28Thomas PedersenNow Where Did That Bunker Come From?8.5
29Terry LintonLeo9.5
30Cheryl FisherZip Wire Tower8
31Janice McInallyPosing In the Underpass7.5
32Marcus JacksonHadrians Wall8
33David RadfordCheeky Chappy7
34Greg CovingtonBlue Herons8
35Andrew HydeThe Brickyard7.5
36Mike O’NeillListen To Them The Children Of The Night, What Music They Make7
37John CrouchThe Old Pier101st