Comfy Chairs!… Our new home!

Andy    August 28, 2021

Our new season starts on the 9th September, so in preparation a number of committee members went down to Christchurch to check-out the Sanctuary (the main church) where we’ll been meeting this year.

Img 20210827 080315
Weekly meetings take place here at Christchurch, Hitchin

As part of checking out the our new room, we need to make sure we could;

  • Get the projector up and running, with all the necessary power sockets and had a good spot for the projectionist to sit.
    We’ll be investing in some new cables to make sure everything is neat and tidy
  • Make sure the projected image was large enough and clear enough for everyone to see
    Projecting on the specially painted wall nearly doubles the image size
  • Make sure we knew how to use the lighting
    With the lighting controls we can light up the room evenly for events, highlight the stage area and even leave a small light on for safety, with the rest of the room in darkness.
  • Set out the print stands
    We’ll have a 2 way queuing system to ensure everyone can see the prints quickly and safely

… and perhaps most importantly make sure there was sufficient space to maintain social distancing.

As you can see from the photos below there really is plenty of space between the chairs and enough seats for nearly 70 attendees. What’s particularly nice about our new room, is the comfy and generous seating which should ensure we’ll settle into our new home really quickly.


One thing to note however is that we have to use a different entrance. Fortunately this one’s nice and easy to find, being the closest to car park.

All HCC members and guests need to come in thought our entrance
which is the one below which leads straight into the sanctuary.

Img 20210827 080421
This is our new entrance, watch out for 3 steps as you come in.
Whatsapp Image 2021 08 26 At 9.45.16 Pm
All the seats have a great view…
Whatsapp Image 2021 08 26 At 9.44.53 Pm
Plenty of spacing between the seats
Whatsapp Image 2021 08 26 At 9.45.44 Pm
What you’ll see as you arrive!