RK Photo Limited “The Darkroom”

Andy    August 16, 2021

While I was out in Letchworth I recently discovered a shop that was completely new to me, although apparently they’ve been open for a year, which I thought be of interest to our members.

Img 20210814 123817
Ilford Black and White films

Located in the Arcade in Letchworth, run by John and Jenny, you’ll find RK Photo. RK Photo sell an amazing selection of films and black and white processing equipment. Looking around the shop was trip down memory lane for me and the first time in years I’ve seen so many different types of film immediately available.

Img 20210814 123748
Ilford developing chemicals

However, if you looking for more than just film they also sell a wide range of developing equipment, including printing paper, all of the necessary chemicals, and of course film spirals, developing tanks and so one.

If however, you want to the darkroom experience without having to set-up you own darkroom, they have a full equipped one you can hire by the hour and they’ll even teach you how to do it, if you’ve neer developed before.

Img 20210814 123912
The fully equipped Darkroom available for hire

We’ll be reaching out to John and Jenny, to see if they’ll come and do a presentation for us!

In meantime why not check out their shop!

You can visit their website here …RK Photo Ltd – The Darkroom

Img 20210814 123806
Plenty of options for the film photographer