Movement Tutorial – Update

Andy    October 8, 2020

For our first tutorial evening of the season we asked four of our members to share some of their expertise on Movement Photography to help support our members getting ready for the “Movement competition” (details here) which we’re holding in March 2021.

Steve gave an interesting presentation talking about number of different styles of movement photography, including several examples of long exposures both at night and during the day.

Following on from Greg’s success in the recent open competition, Greg spoke about panning. Greg’s presentation concentrated on car photography however the techniques he spoke about could be applied to many genres.

Greg Evans – Porsche on Track

Andy then gave a presentation on combining a sequence of images to convey movement. In Andy’s presentation he spoke about the need to understand your subject and how to conceive how your finished shot will look before before you shot. Andy’s presentation finished off with a PhotoShop demo of combining image.

360 jump as a sequence of images

Terry rounded of the evening by showing a series of works by different photographers show how movement has conveyed by photographers over the last 100 years.

Many thanks to Greg, Steve, Terry and Andy for sharing some interesting images an insights.

Download Andy’s Movement presentation here.

Greg’s presentation can be found on his blog: Greg’s Blog

Download Terry’s History of Movement in Photography presentation here:

Movement in Photography

Steve’s presentation will be coming soon