Team LOMO Wins!

Andy    October 2, 2020

This week we had one of our social events with the Match-A-Slide competition. Normally we use this event to help our new members meet and mingle with the rest of the membership and to encourage our existing members to strike up new friendships, however with the current restrictions around Covid-19 we had to take a different approach.

The evening was well supported with around 27 members and 1 cat taking part….

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Ellen’s cat Sugar was following the action closely

Thanks to some pre-planing all of our club members knew in advance which team they’d be playing for, whether it was Team Ricoh led by Captain Tom, Team Lomo led by Captain Terry or Team Praktica led by Captain Dave, and they had already downloaded their team’s images ready to play.

In the Match-A-Slide competition each team takes turn to play an image, and then to challenge the other team to find a “match”! What’s a match? Well that rather depends on the judge who for this evening was our club Chairman Andy Hyde. Points were awarded for playing a matching image, having the best image of the set and for complementing our judge’s shirt!

A last minute change of team Captain for Team Ricoh seemed to unsettle them, and although they played some strong images and got 2 bonus points during the evening, they never quite got into their stride finishing with 12 points.

Team Praktica really played as team throughout the evening consistently picking the same images for each round. Starting was a massive 5 points in the first section they went into an early lead and continued to be neck and neck with Lomo before the final 3 images due to earning several bonus points and finishing with an overall score of 14.

However the winners on the night were Team Lomo (incidentally a name suggested by Gareth), who demonstrated strong play through out the evening but did particularly well in round 2 by scoring 5 out of a possible maximum of 6.

Although the evening wasn’t quite the same as normal the online format worked surprisingly well with everyone (especially the winners) having a fun evening.

For those who couldn’t attend here are the full set of images drawn from last year’s and the year before’s Knock-out competition