First Strobists Meeting

Andy    March 1, 2020

On Friday 28th Febraury we held the first meeting of the Hitchin Camera Club Stobists and Flash Special Interest Group, or the H.C.C.S.A.F.S.I.G. As you can imagine our first order of business was to choose a different name and we’re now known as the “Hitchin Flashers”.

Dan and Alan…. Founder members of the “Hitchin Flashers”!

The first meeting was well attended with 14 people coming along to take part. Andy opened the meeting saying that unlike our normal club nights the special interest groups would be much more focused on the group, and that he’d like to see the attendees discussing and asking questions about a particular subject amongst themselves, rather than following a more formal lecture or presentation style. Having said that the first meeting was run as tutorial and practical session to allow help everyone really get to grips with the fundamentals of flash.

Getting to grips with the settings

For the first meeting Andy explained about the importance of your camera’s synch speed in flash photography, then spoke about the different controls on your camera and flash, and how they affect the exposure. The group was really active with lots discussion within the group and lots of really good questions (especially from a Dan).

The evening had a number of practical exercises, and by the end of the night everyone was taking successful flash photos in full manual!

Whatsapp Image 2020 03 01 At 10.44.16 Am
Experiments in understand the inverse square law
Whatsapp Image 2020 02 29 At 2.17.32 Pm
Comparing their results

The next meeting is on Friday 27th March and will look at combining flash and ambient. Check out the programme here

The Special Interest Groups meetings are open to all paid-up members of Hitchin Camera Club subject to a fee to cover the cost of the room booking (this will typically be £3 or £4).

Please Note, we also have a Strobists’ What’s App Group
– If you’d like to join as Marcus via the club’s What’s App group.