Members’ Area …?!

Andy    February 29, 2020

Some of you may have noticed a new menu item in the top right of the screen.

Image 4

Unfortunately it’s not available yet, but once set-up this will only be open to club members (who will gain access with a password) but once in the member’s area you’ll find the following as start;

  • A gallery of our members
    We’re in the lucky position, compared to most clubs, that we’re growing! However, that means we have lots of new faces. To help you know who’s who we’ll have list of members and their photos so you can recognise one and other.
  • Presentations and reference materials
    Many of our guest and internal speakers kindly share notes about their presentations. You’ll be able to find all of those resources here.
  • Strobist group area
    Here you’ll find resources and notes for our special interest groups.
  • Strobists forum
    As an experiment we’ll be adding a forum area.
    Initially this will be focused on the Strobists Special Interest Group and will aim to complement the Club and Strobists’ What’s App groups.

If you’ve got any ideas for content that would be of use to our members let me know…. although watch out… If you suggest something I’ll almost certainly give you the job of making it happen!