Panel Competition (Feb 2020)

Gareth    February 27, 2020

Here are the scores and images from the Panel competition, held on February 27th 2020. The competition was judged by Linda Woodward.

Panel Competition – Projected Images
1Sarah JohnsonA Day at the Beach8 
2Andy HydeHenrietta is Ready for her close-up10 
3Mike ThompsonA Day in the Life of Bari7 
4Miles MaxwellAt the Water Hole8 
5Debra WellsVictorian Seaside in Winter5 
6Steve GrangerBrassicas7 
7Thomas PedersenMoments on the Street6 
8Dave MartinYucca Flowers with Fuchsias7 
9Dave CheesmanDoors6 
10Greg CovingtonNovember Rooks103rd
11Emma GrenfellThree Part Portrait9 
12Tony DoddKettles and Boilers8 
13Jeremy LintottNightfall on Southwold Pier101st
14Ellen EdwardsSunflowers7 
15Terry LintonAbandoned6 
16Gareth KitchenerRiver Reflections7 
17Dan KeighleyDon’t Pass Go8.5 
18Ian SmallThe Things I Put Up With7 
19Tony FernsThe Moon in Three Stages9 
20Peter WardThe Italian Model7 
21Jo ConwaySame Window, Different Day5.5 
22Greg EvansDials6 
23Martin WoottonSpring Wildlife6 
24David LeedhamRolling Back The Years5 
25Jenny ScottOi – Feed me or the car gets it6 
26Simon MaddisonAfter American Gothic7 
27Sophia PyneOne, Two, Three7 
28Sarah JohnsonAll Aboard8.5 
29Andy HydeThe roofs of Menorca9 
30Mike ThompsonColours, Swiss Garden, Old Warden at Night5 
31Miles MaxwellQuiver Trees6 
32Debra WellsSilent Expectation8 
33Steve GrangerPaint Abstracts6 
34Thomas PedersenThe Daily Grind7 
35Dave MartinLaugh Out Loud8 
36Dave CheesmanBorneo Flora5 
37Greg CovingtonValencia102nd
38Tony DoddImages of a Saxual Nature10 
39Jeremy LintottWoodland Fungi9.5 
40Ellen EdwardsIn the Lavender Fields8 
41Terry LintonMesa Verde8 
42Gareth KitchenerLooking Up7 
43Dan KeighleyElemental7 
44Ian SmallHummingbird Fashion Show7 
45Tony FernsSurrounded by Water5 
46Peter WardSpitalfields6 
47Jo ConwayWhere are you off to this evening?8 
48Greg EvansFerrari6 
49Martin WoottonThe Great British Weather6 
50David LeedhamPreparing for a New Beginning5.5 
51Jenny ScottMy Favourite Christmas Toy5.5 
52Simon MaddisonAfter American Gothic 25 
53Sophia PyneStrong Emotions6