Introduction to Competition Printing

Andy    October 11, 2019

For our first tutorial night of the season Andy gave a presentation on printing for competitions.


As Andy explained in his introduction…

Within the club we’ve know that competitions are some of our most popular and well attended events, and the committee are delighted that so many of our newer members are taking part in those competitions. However although the digital submissions are growing in number and quality the print entries are becoming somewhat let behind.

The aim of this presentation was to give all of our members an understanding of how to get the very best out of their prints, and how to prepare them for competition.

Andy’s presentation covered three areas;

  • Preparing for Printing
    Here Andy explained about using aspect ratios to ensure that your all of your image is displayed, and then discussed the various options the control the output when using LightRoom, PhotoShop and other packages
  • Printing at Home Vs Using a lab
    In the second part of the evening Andy spoke briefly about home printing before highlighting some recommended print services
  • Demonstration of Mounting
    To round off the evening Andy demonstrated 3 different ways to mount your prints, either for display at home or for competition.

You can download Andy’s PowerPoint to review at your leisure