Panel Competition

Andy    June 20, 2016

One of the great challenges for any photographer is to not just take a single image but to show a number of images together that explore a theme. So here, not only do the images have to stand on their own, but they need to fit together as a cohesive set.

Panel Competition
In the panel competition the photographer is asked to present 3 individual images which will be judged together.

Hitchin Camera Club’s panel competition has been a regular event for many years, and in its earliest form required the photographer to submit 4 slides which were shown simultaneously using 4 projectors and 4 screens. Nowadays the photographer needs just 3 individual photos (known as a triptych), but they need to be combined into a single image (Click here for guidance on how to make a composite image).

Check the Club Programme to confirm how many entries you are allowed this year.

TRYP - Nigel - Insects at Work

Insects at work – Nigel Hughes – Winner of the 2016 Panel competition

If you’re not sure how to create a panel (or collage) you can find a number of step by step guides here, although here are some instructions if you’re using Photoshop.
Creating a Composite in PhotoShop

The following sets of three images would be suitable for the panel competition.