How to Submit Competition Entries


MONO - Rafe - under sandown pierYour prints can be any size (although between 8” X 10” and 12” X 16” is ideal) but must be mounted on card no larger than A3 (talk to a committee member or a mentor about how to mount a print). All prints should have a minimum visible area of 70 square inches.

Write your name and the title of the image on the back and then simply give your mounted prints to the competition secretary at least a week before the competition date. If your image is an abstract it can also be useful to indicate which way up the print should go.

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Digital Images

OPEN2 - Rob - Sliding DoorsDigital files should be submitted by email only.

Send the file as an attachment to competitions[at] 
no later than 24.00 on the Sunday prior to the competition. You will receive an email acknowledgement that your entry has been received. If submitting multiple entries, please send each image in a separate email.

These need to be JPG/JPEG format at the highest quality and ideally re-sized to 1024 X 768 (again ask a committee member or mentor for help). The software used will automatically resize larger images for display so there is no benefit in having larger images.

The file name should be the member’s name, plus submission order number and a brief title:
eg.  JohnSmith1-RedBoats.jpg

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OPEN1 - Venessa - GOYT VALLEYTo ensure your competition entries are valid you must ensure.

  • The image is entirely your own work.
    This includes any textures or borders applied during post processing.
  • The image fits within the guidelines for each individual competition.
  • The image has not been used in any previous HCC competition.
    This rule does not apply to images entered into the knock-out competition.

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