Open Competition 2 – Feb 2023

Gareth    February 5, 2023

Here are the scores and images from the 2nd Open competition of the season, held on 2 February 2023 and judged by Jonathan Vaines.

1Jane EvansA Day in a Bubble7
2Stefka LalevaHow do you fancy a pansy?6
3Terry LintonAutumn Walk8
4Dennis FensomeLucky Bee6.5
5Greg EvansInto The Gloom9.5
6Sue SouthwardEskdale Bridge7
7Mike O’NeillA Study9
8Gordon de SousaPassion Flower5.5
9Moira SmithAlchemy10
10Elizabeth ScottFamily at the End of the Tunnel6
11Toby ScottKaleidescope7
12Debra WellsWonky Ferris Wheel Reflection on Bus Window9.5
13Jeremy LintottHoar Frost10
14Caroline WestSpotted You9
15Steve GrangerEryngium8.5
16Lee PainePraise the Lord9
17Ian SmallMaking a Splash9.5
18Simon MaddisonYoung Mod10
19Mark DunsfordUgandan Boy at Play8
20Tony FernsNew Buildings Seen From Millbank Across The Thames9
21Tom SalmondCity Lights7.5
22Jenny ScottThe Big Wheel8
23Colin SouthwardBalance7
24Thomas PedersenCommon Darter Dragonfly7.5
25Cheryl FisherA Walk in the Woods6.5
26Mike ThompsonThe Bridge in Winter9.5
27Dan KeighleyThe Pattern of Windows8.5
28Wendy DunsfordPsst, Shall I Tell You A Secret?9
29David TristeThe Lookout7.5
30Dave CheesmanSymmetry6.5
31Dave RadfordLittle Traction Man7
32Janice McInallyLily9.5
33Andy HydeModernism7.5
34Chris MillsLooking Down10
35Greg CovingtonReflection7.5
36John CrouchDon’t Mention the Arms8
37Jane EvansThe Chaffinch8.5
38Stefka LalevaAutumn Harvest8.5
39Terry LintonSt. John’s Road Chapel7
40Dennis FensomeDevon Landscape5.5
41Greg EvansThe Spider’s Web5
42Sue SouthwardWinter Canoeing6.5
43Mike O’NeillAmongst The Undergrowth8.5
44Gordon de SousaOutside the Coffee Shop, Amsterdam7
45Moira SmithPoolbeg Chimneys9.5
46Elizabeth ScottTrees Through The Trees8
47Toby ScottBubbles6.5
48Debra WellsArmed Forces of Malta Winch Exercise on Comino8
49Jeremy LintottMagpie Inkcap8
50Steve GrangerA Day on the Greens9.5
51Lee PaineStairway to Heaven8
52Ian SmallRufous-Tailed Hummingbird9.5
53Simon MaddisonAn Angry Look8.5
54Mark DunsfordWhat’s wrong with my Flossing?8.5
55Tony FernsComposite of Felixstowe Cranes looking North and Moon6.5
56Tom SalmondCity Reflections5.5
57Jenny ScottThe Emperor6
58Colin SouthwardOn The Edge8.5
59Thomas PedersenConnected Slime Mould10
60Cheryl FisherFace-off9.5
61Mike ThompsonStorm Chasing Sun, Welsh Borders8
62Dan KeighleyRusty Links7
63Wendy DunsfordHow Many Fruits Can He Get In hIs mouth At One Time?7.5
64David TristeCan’t See The Wood Through The Trees5.5
65Dave CheesmanReflections6.5
66Dave RadfordAir Walking9
67Janice McInallyIn The Ferns9.5
68Andy HydeHashtag MC Escher 28
69Chris MillsTourists7
70Greg CovingtonMorning Flight6.5
71John CrouchMusical Tankard8.5
1Dave CheesmanShadows At Kourion Amphitheatre8.5
2John CrouchDiminishing Stone Columns7.5
3Jane EvansDazzle8
4Joshua FarrowA Winters Day7.5
5Cheryl FisherPopcorn Explosion10
6Terry LintonTeam Talk In The Shade6.5
7Jeremy LintottDancing Bonnets10
8Steve GrangerFern Cyanotype10
9Moira SmithIncogneto9.5
10Andy HydeArt Or Accident9
11Dave RadfordPool Brollies7.5
12Colin SouthwardSunset At Mudeford7
13Debra WellsOyez, Oyez, Rye Town Crier6.5
14Marcus JacksonThe Tudor Apothacary’s Assistant7
15Ian SmallChalkhill Blues10
16Janice McInallyOn Look Out Duty9.5
17Mike O’NeillA Sticky End8
18Steve GrangerRolling Fields9.5
19Thomas PedersenBeetle On A Flower8.5
20John CrouchThree Glasses8.5
21Jeremy LintottTingley Wood9.5
22Dave CheesmanPans And Brushes7.5
23Janice McInallyWhats That!10
24Dave RadfordReeds8
25Marcus JacksonLilac Bonnet Fungi9.5
26Terry LintonExposed Roots7
27Jane EvansCally6.5
28Moira SmithAmmonite6
29Cheryl FisherCocktail Splash8.5
30Ian SmallCommon Blue Damselflies Strike A Pose10
31Colin SouthwardGroyne At Porlock6
32Andy HydeWinter Light9
33Sue SouthwardViewing The Sunset8
34Thomas PedersenHoverfly9.5
35Mike O’NeillThe Place To Go For Peace And Quiet9
36Debra WellsLongstone Lighthouse And Seal Colony6.5