Panel Competition, February 2022

Terry    February 25, 2022
Jo ConwayMemories of Staffa5
Debra WellsWhen the Pigeon Goes, I’m Out of Here7
Jenny ScottCounting Sheep7.5
Mike O’NeillAnarchy in the UK7
Toby ScottTo the Victor the Spoils7.5
Jeremy LintottA Stoney Expression, Northumberland Sandstone101st
Tony FernsBark6.5
Dan KeighleyBoot Street Art8
Steve GrangerClassic8
Mike ThompsonBosham Sunset7
Simon MaddisonAfter American Gothic7
Terry LintonHair Care and Curry in the Community5.5
Dave MartinFritillaria Meliagris9.53rd
Thomas PedersenBusy Marmalade Hover Flies8
Andy HydeThe Evil Child7.5
Lee PaineBless Our NHS5.5
Janice McInallyA Frosty Sunrise7.5
Thomas PedersenMacro Seed Structures6.5
Jennifer HeathAtlantic Ocean, Swakopmund, Namibia6
Jo ConwayNorth Shore Iona7
Debra WellsLife of a Poppy8
Mike O’NeillGoing Underground7.5
Jeremy LintottMetatrichia Floriformis Slime Mould102nd
Tony FernsViews of St. Mary’s on the Faces of a Cube6.5
Steve GrangerRGB8
Mike ThompsonWinter, Hitch Wood6.5
Simon MaddisonDrunken Dispute, Latvia6.5
Terry LintonApproach of Autumn6.5
Dave MartinSeed Heads9.5
Greg CovingtonFrost on Strawberry Leaves8.5
Andy HydeFilm Noir8
Lee PaineFrom Old to New7
Janice McInallyBluebells and Logs9.5
Greg CovingtonBantham Mist6.5
Jennifer HeathFestival de la Virgen, Huanchaco, Peru8