People and Portraits Competition January 2022

Terry    January 13, 2022


Lee PaineAttention102nd
Dave MartinBeau8.5
Debra WellsRe-enactment Actor8
Andy HydeNumber 147.5
Chris EvansA Rare Moment7
Janice McInallyGo on, You Can Do It!7.5
Greg EvansBaptism9.5
Dan KeighleyJumping on the Southbank8.5
Greg CovingtonPuddle Reflection8
Toby ScottBirthday Girl8
Dave RadfordBen Cross7.5
Ian SmallIt Takes Two8.5
Mike ThompsonThe Stare9.5
Thomas PedersenConcentrated and Distracted8.5
Chris MillsContemplation9
Dennis FensomeCountry Boy8
Jennifer HeathBreakwater John, Kodiak Island, Alaska10=3rd
Terry LintonAt Rest8.5
Jo ConwayHappy Day Out7.5
Simon MaddisonClaude8.5
Jenny ScottThe Doctor Will See You Now8
Dave CheesmanPatrolling Tianamen Square8
Lee PaineWaiting for Bullitt9.5
Dave MartinRob7.5
Andy HydePreparing Lunch7
Chris EvansColin, Jazz Musician8.5
Janice McInallyLooking Out To Sea9
Greg EvansSmiles on the Big Day8.5
Dan KeighleyLooking Out to the Thames7.5
Greg CovingtonSeamer8
Toby ScottFailed Attempt at a Passport Photo7
Dave RadfordReady-Bang8
Ian SmallTrouble At Mill8.5
Mike ThompsonFete Des Conscrits8
Thomas PedersenLockdown Self-Portrait101st
Chris MillsBreezin’8.5
Dennis FensomeWorship at Stonehenge7
Jennifer HeathRed River, Yunnan Province, China7
Terry LintonLewis8
Jo ConwayNot For The Passport Application8
Simon MaddisonDenise9.5=3rd
Jenny ScottStrength in Numbers7.5
Dave CheesmanTaking Notes8
Thomas PedersenBrotherly Love8
Terry LintonI will ride 100 Miles7
Simon MaddisonNot a Mug Shot7.5
Steve GrangerAnother Drink?8
Andy HydeZen, and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance9.5
Dave MartinYoung Fashion, My Grandaughter9.5
Janice McInallyLady in Pink8.5
Ian SmallSteam Engine Driver8.5
Jenny HeathCaretaker102nd
Dave RadfordMan and Pup8.5
Thomas PedersenCatching the Late Afternoon Sun8
Steve GrangerWaiting9.5
Andy HydeI Don’t Fink I Really Like You!8.5
Ian SmallWorrying News7
Dave MartinWatching the Sun Go Down8
Terry LintonLady on a Chair8
Janice McInallyI Love My Dog103rd
Jenny HeathSchoolboys Behind a Distorted Glass Door101st
Simon MaddisonTension in the Air8.5
Dave RadfordAuntie and Nephew8