Monochrome Competition November 2021

Terry    November 11, 2021

Simon MaddisonPortrait8
Chris MillsA Stolen Kiss8
Greg CovingtonA Bookshop Window7.5
Steve LangfordThe Sand Drift8
Thomas PedersenLunchtime Relaxations7.5
Dave RadfordVery Old and Fairly New-ish8
Greg EvansNight at the Fair8
Rob AddsJet Engine8
Mike ThompsonWindswept Tree Sunset9.5
Andy HydeHomage to Adobe7.5
Janice McInallyWhat’s for Dinner8.5
Dan KeighlyRock by the Sea8
Jenny ScottOh Bouy8
Tony FernsLymekilns at Twyford Waterworks8
Dave MartinParrot Tulip9
Jo ConwayLet Sleeping Otters Lie8.5
Steve GrangerAgave7.5
Jeremy LintottWet Lighthouse9.5
Terry LintonIn Need of Improvement8.5
Toby ScottBlack and White9
Elizabeth ScottKing of the Garden7
Ian SmallProwling Jackdaw8
Debra WellsDo You Think They are Out there?8
Garteh KitchenerTortured Souls8.5
Simon MaddisonChernobyl Nursery9
Chris Mills The Look of Love101st
Greg CovingtonApproaching Hitchin8.5
Steve LangfordThink Inside the Box9.5
Thomas PedersenYou Talking To Me, Water Jet8
Dave RadfordBig Brute Night Attack9
Greg EvansReflected7
Rob AddsMoon and Christmas Star8.5
Mike ThompsonAmore Puglia, Italy8
Andy HydeVery Important Pug8
Janice McInallyI Adore You8.5
Dan KeighleyFrom Below102nd
Jenny ScottThe Delicacy of the Flower7.5
Tony FernsO2 by Night9
Dave MartinThe Colonnade, Bexhill on Sea103rd
Jo ConwayRemains of the Fire7
Steve GrangerSalisbury8.5
Jeremy Porcelain8
Terry LintonThe House Left Behind 8.5
Toby ScottBurning Bright8
Elizabeth ScottFruit of the Underworld7
Ian SmallFowler Ploughing Engine9
Debra WellsHarry Potter I’m Not7.5
Gareth KitchenerParallel Lines8.5
Jennifer HeathHat Seller9
Jennifer HeathOn the Plains, Bolivia9
Rob AddsLike Shooting Fish in a Barrel7.5
Ian SmallTemple Wall Carving8
Dave RadfordMaking Headway8
Janice McInallyYou Looking at Me?8
Lee PaineLost8.5
Andy HydeThe Light and the Lantern9.5
Jennifer HeathPoint to Point, Somerset9
Jeremy LintottMycena Fungi10
Thomas PedersenRush Hour in Baldock9
Greg CovingtonBracken103rd
Simon MaddisonAlbert – Skin Cancer Survivor7
Dave MartinThe Brewer Staircase and Bocci Chandelier8.5
Steve GrangerSt Mary’s7.5
Terry LintonA Safe Pair of Hands7.5
Ian SmallFountains Abbey Cellarium9
Dave Radford The Archer8
Greg CovingtonWitch’s Broom8
Janice McInallyRazorbill9
Jeremy LintottRhenecidale, Harris101st
Andy HydeThe Daily Grind9.5
Jennifer HeathShipshape, Banana Boat, Newport, South Wales8.5
Rob AddsDunottar Views7.5
Simon MaddisonIvan Ivanovitch8
Dave MartinDouble Tulip102nd
Lee MartinA Fine Print9
Terry LintonGentlemen, Senior Employees Only, and Pigeons7.5
Thomas PedersenFrom the Shadows in to the Light7.5
Steve GrangerCorfe Castle8