Partial Eclipse – 10th June 2021

Andy    June 10, 2021

For those who missed it, or nearly missed it like I did there was a partial eclipse of the sun today! Several of the our club members prepared with various set-ups and captured a few images to enjoy.

If you’d like to know more about photographing the stars, why not read these article from one of our newer members;

Astrology, Eclipses and Photography – Hitchin Camera Club

Our set-up and photos….

Jo was first of the mark with her pin hole viewer;

Tony took a lot more sophisticated approach, and gave everyone some helpful hints on the What’s App.

Whatsapp Image 2021 06 10 At 10.48.14 Am
Tony’s set-up including a solar filter
Whatsapp Image 2021 06 10 At 11.06.40 Am
Gordon didn’t want to be left out, and used the simplest set-up of all, the refection of the sun in a parked car!
Whatsapp Image 2021 06 10 At 11.14.02 Am
Toby posted an excellent shot, but didn’t share how he got it 🙁

Finally I posted a couple of images taken using a different technique. I used a small mirror to reflect an image onto a piece of card about 20M away. On the What’s App you’ll see I took 2 shots, and you’ll see the difference in sharpness due to making the mirror effectively smaller by using masking tape (just like stopping down a lens).