HCC Photographer featured on RPS website

Andy    September 23, 2020

As you know within the camera club we’re lucky enough to have members who’s work has allowed them to be accepted into the Royal Photographic Society. One such member Simon Maddison LRPS, has recently had one of his images featured on the front page of the RPS web site, as part of their sport competition.

Simon first used this image at one of our club competitions back in 2011 where it scored a well deserved 10!

The image was only shown on 23rd September, however here’s a screen shot showing how it appeared.

Fullscreen Capture 23092020 102236
RPS Home page from 23rd September 2020

Simon kindly shared the following insight into this image.

I took this photo on a trip to Cuba in 2010. It’s called Blue Bottle Top. My passion is street photography and Cuba has so many opportunities. Baseball is a passion of the Cuban people and you see it played a lot in the streets. The US embargo has left Cuban people very poor, a proper baseball bat and ball would be beyond the reach of most adults let alone children. It does mean of course that the children are incredibly good, imagine hitting a bottle top with a piece of broom handle.

I was particularly pleased with the juxtaposition of the thrower and his arm in the shadows on the right and the striker. The RPS homepage missed out the thrower but it did mean that the puffed out cheeks of the striker and his concentration had lots of emphasis. Technical details are: ISO 400 f9 1/800s 

More of my Cuba photos are here, including two more street baseball images: Red Bottle top and White Bottle top in this album. https://www.flickr.com/photos/simonmaddison/albums/72157623918680524

Simon Maddison 2020

Here the original photo in full

Blue Bottle Top – Simon Maddison LPRS

If you’d like to learn more about the RPS and their qualifications you can check out the following article on our website here. Or why not visit the RPS themselves https://rps.org.