An introduction to PAGB and RPS awards

Tom    September 20, 2016

Getting Awards and being Recognised

Do you want to move on to the next level or want to get some letters after your name? Colin Hewett takes a look at some nationally recognised awards.  
Then working towards an award for your photography may be the next step. There are a few organisations which confer nationally recognised awards. If you’ve got any questions, then members of the Club would be pleased to help and share their experiences of the awards where they have direct experience.

One of these is the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). Members of camera clubs within each regional federation are eligible to apply. Hitchin Camera Club is part of the East Anglian Federation and so all our members are eligible.
The PAGB awards require satisfaction of the certain criteria. The most popular are:-
  • CPAGB Credit – awarded for Good Club Photography based on a panel of 10 prints or projected images
  • DPAGB Distinction – awarded for Open Exhibition Photography based on a panel of 15 prints or projected images
  • MPAGB Master – awarded for the Highest Standard of UK Amateur Photography based on 20 Prints or projected images
The PAGB offers workshops, using pictures from successful award panels, and can offer guidance to individual clubs and members.
In addition club members can submit pictures to PAGB and EAF Exhibitions and Competitions which are held regularly.
You can get more details from the PAGB website at   In addition the PAGB offers an e-news publication to keep you up to date with new events, competitions etc.

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) also provides awards, exhibitions and competitions.

Any individual may join the RPS and work towards their internationally recognised distinctions such as:-

  • LRPS – Licentiate Member of the RPS
  • ARPS – Associate Member of the RPS and
  • FRPS – Fellowship Member of the RPS

The Society holds a number of exhibitions and competitions for members and non-members. The International Print and International Images for Science Exhibitions are held annually,  alongside exhibitions organised by Special Interest Groups, Regions and Overseas Chapters.

The RPS also organises practical workshops and lectures within its Regions and Special Interest Groups, and arranges additional activities such as lectures, visits and field trips.

Their annual Awards, held in London each September, recognise the highest achievements of individuals from all fields of photography.

You can get more details from the RPS website at