Five-year-old raises money for the Garden House Hospice

Terry    August 18, 2020

Betty-Leigh Allinson was looking forward to holiday in Disneyland Paris but her excitement was cut-short by COVID-19. She decided to donate the £7 that she had saved to the Garden House Hospice where her grandmother works. Having just learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers she determined to ride a mile a day, for 100 days. Her family got behind her and with her grandfather being an ex-professional footballer, they arranged for donations of different club football shirts.

Wearing a different club shirt each day, Betty-Leigh received growing support and sponsorship. By the time she completed her 100th day, she had raised £25,000. This figure has since risen to £32,000 and with the Hospice facing a funding shortfall of £1.3M this is much needed.

Her last mile was completed at the Hospice in Letchworth where her achievement was celebrated and covered by the local news channels. Betty-Leigh was presented with gifts of thanks from the Hospice. The event was covered by the Camera Club.

If you wish to support Betty-Leigh’s efforts, please donate at her fundraising page.