Knockout Competition Update

Andy    May 9, 2020

I’m pleased to announce that we had a mammoth entry for what would been last meeting of the season (don’t forget Camera Club will continue to run online events as long as needed during the lock-down) with 61 entries from 21 different members – which I think is a record!

For the knock-out competition we ask our members to send in up to 3 entries of their choice (we suspend the normal rule about not re-using competition entries for the knockout) and then the images are shuffled and shown in pairs. By show of hands (or this year by chat message) the members vote for which image goes through, and slowly the images are whittled down from 61, to 32, 16, and then the final 8.

As the entries in the final 8 are eliminated we let the author tell us about their image, until we come down to the final 2…

… and by a very close vote, the winner is Peter Ward and his “Sea Holly“, which some of you may remember as scoring a 10 in the close-up competition.

However Ian Small’s Dragon Fly was a very worthy runner-up.

So well done to both. They’re both fabulous images and it’s great to see our newer members taking part in the competitions and doing so well.

Here are all the entries…. Well done everyone!