Nature Competition – April 2020

Gareth    April 30, 2020

Here are the scores and images for the nature competition, judged remotely by Naomi Saul.

Nature Competition
1Andrew SmartDusky Langur, Kaeng Kratchen Forest9 
2Sarah JohnsonQuack Quack7 
3Andy HydeRazor Sharp9.5 
4Simon MaddisonAgaves Tequila Flowering7 
5Dan KeighleyThick-Legged Flower Beetle8 
6Jo ConwayCheep Model6.5 
7Greg CovingtonGreat-Crested Grebes Displaying8.5 
8Steve GrangerChalkhill Blues9.5 
9Jeremy LintottMarbled White Butterfly101st
10Toby ScottIt’s Behind You6 
11Ellen EdwardsUnlikely Friends6.5 
12Jenny ScottCoot and Baby at Feeding Time8.5 
13Thomas PedersenStarling8 
14Dave RadfordLeafs from Below7 
15Mike ThompsonJay on a Log7 
16David LeedhamWho Brought the Beak Wipes?8 
17Alex DevaureRed Kite at Dawn6 
18Greg EvansBlackbird7.5 
19Ian SmallLiquid Lunch (Short-Tailed Woodstar)8.5 
20Martin WoottonLife & Death8 
21Gareth KitchenerDamselfly9 
22Marcus JacksonRSPB Troupe Head Gannet9 
23Terry LintonNew Growth after the Summer Fires, Ilkley Moor6.5 
24Andrew SmartSilver Breasted Broadbill, Kaeng Kratchen Forest8.5 
25Sarah JohnsonKarni Matta – Rat Temple9.5 
26Andy HydeImmature Male Common Darter (Sympetrium Striolatum)8.5 
27Simon MaddisonFrosted Leaves7 
28Dan KeighleyChalk Hill Blue10 
29Jo ConwayBit of a Dive8.5 
30Greg CovingtonButterbur6 
31Steve GrangerFungi Trio10 
32Jeremy LintottFly Agaric Fungus9.5 
33Toby ScottCleared For Landing6 
34Ellen EdwardsNot So Secret Squirrel7 
35Jenny ScottHeron on the Rocks8 
36Thomas PedersenHorse Chestnut9.5 
37Dave RadfordTwin Poppy7 
38Mike ThompsonMuntjac Deer8 
39David LeedhamDid Anyone Hear the Hooter8.5 
40Alex DevaureStarling on Duty7.5 
41Greg EvansFree Floating Newt102nd
42Ian SmallSafe in Mother’s Arms9.5 
43Martin WoottonToad in the (Water) Hole103rd
44Gareth KitchenerRoesel’s Bush Cricket and Bindweed8 
45Marcus JacksonHarvest Mouse8 
46Terry LintonBatalinii Tulip7.5 
47Andrew SmartLong-tailed Broadbill at Nest8.5 
48Andy HydePre-Flight Checks6 
49Simon MaddisonGrasses7 
50Dan KeighleyBaden-Powell’s Squirrel7.5 
51Jo ConwayWings Down for a Rest8.5 
52Greg CovingtonHebridean Wren9.5 
53Steve GrangerNesting Gannet9 
54Jeremy LintottAzure Damselfly9.5 
55Toby ScottStay Home Wash Your Hands7 
56Ellen EdwardsFeeding Time7 
57Jenny ScottGull Landing6 
58Dave RadfordFeral Pigeon6 
59Mike ThompsonFungus on Birch Tree7 
60David LeedhamWhere’s My Dinner?8 
61Alex DevaureDon’t Forget Me7.5 
62Greg EvansChiffchaff7 
63Ian SmallGo On – Make My Day8.5 
64Martin WoottonBitten Off More Than I Can Chew8 
65Gareth KitchenerRinglet Butterfly7 
66Marcus JacksonYoung Red Deer, Perthshire8.5 
67Terry LintonRed Admiral Butterfly8 

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