Things to keep you occupied

Terry    April 9, 2020

During this period of lockdown, a number of people and organisations are offering ways to work on our photography online and at home. Thank you to Simon who has pointed out some of them to me. I have provided links to the ones that I know of below. If you have any others that you would like to share please let me know.

7 free photography courses and content to keep you busy during quarantine

  • Nikon School Online: Free classes (yes Marcus!)
  • Stay home with Leica
  • DxO free webinar
  • Adorama coffee with creators – hosted on Facebook
  • Fujifilm stay creative at home
  • CVP Common Room which is video focused
  • Sennheiser which is audio focused

Digital Camera World

Ultimate guide for interior photography

Indoor photography is ideal to have a go at on a rainy day, to protect you and your camera from the elements, or if you’re housebound for the day. Indoor photography also provides you with an ambient space to have a go at shooting some portraits without worrying about the wind, and photograph trinkets and still life images in the comfort of your own home.

Ephotozine havecompiled a list of the different types of indoor photography, and some equipment that you will find really useful for your indoor shooting. They have also compiled some of our best indoor photography techniques as well as ideas of things to shoot and brilliant examples from members at ePz. 


The Light Academy You Tube Channel

Tony Bramley is a member of Colchester Camera Club and runs Light Academy Photography Training. He has shared the following:

‘One positive is that I have been meaning to put in to place a better YouTube channel for photography help. Confined to base, I have spent the last week getting to grips with it all.

It’s not been easy and some big learning curves! Video is so time-consuming and audio a complete beast. The videos are not 100% as I want them but a big improvement on my previous short clips. I am going to be adding to them all the time, more regularly during the current crisis.

When we are back to normal I hope to upload one every two weeks. I also want to hit the magic 1000 (lol) subscribers so PLEASE do subscribe and …..hit the like button too!

If you subscribe you will be notified of new uploads. I have plenty of videos planned but if you want me to look at anything in particular then let me know in the comments. I can’t promise I will do it straight away but I will add it to my list and make requests more of a priority.

The Light Academy

Fujilove stay at home live webinar

A group of seven passionate Fuji photographers will talk about there inspirations. This will take place on Saturday 11th April at 14.00. Booking is required.

Webinar information