Live Streaming – Our first Success

Andy    March 21, 2020

Following the cancellation of our meetings at Christchurch, we’ve moved our events into the internet, and I’m proud to say we had a very successful, first online meeting on March 19th.

Andy ready to open the meeting

With Tom operating the controls in the background Andy was able to give the usual club updates, some guidance on Video conferencing those who are new to the process, and some notes about What’s going on.

Image 1
Important notes about Live Streaming

The technology seemed to work very well, and after a few teething troubles we had 26 members taking part! After the notices Andy then gave 2 short presentations on LightRoom and one on PhotoShop.

LightRoom demonstration

In the LightRoom presentation Andy spoke about managing your library, and demonstrated how to import images, and do some straight-forward edits. After taking some questions from the audience Andy then went on demonstrate how he would edit an image, including lightening an image and several different ways to sharpen an image.

Image 5
The finished image and the original

PhotoShop demonstration

In the PhotoShop demonstration Andy then showed how quickly and easily 2 images could be combined to make a composite, using images from the recent Indoor Games Assignment night subject.

Image 3
Making a composite in PhotoShop

What should we do next?

We’re now planning our next virtual meeting but we need you the members to make some suggestions about what we could do next! We have the ability to let any one of the participants speak or even present, so if you fancy doing a Members’ Mini online let us know!

Image 2

If you’ve got some suggestions, or better yet would like to volunteer to present just let us know!