Open Competition 2 (Feb 2020)

Gareth    February 6, 2020

Here are the scores and digital images from the second Open competition of the season, held on February 6th 2020. The competition was judged by Sarah Kelman.

Open Competition 2 – Prints
1Dave CheesmanLiver Bird10
2Tony FernsFrom The Heelstone6.5
3Ian SmallFemale Magnificant Hummingbird9.5
4Jeremy LintottTwisted Oak10
5Dave MartinSnakes Head Fritillary8.5
6Steve GrangerKew Sunset8
7Andy HydeThe Infinity Pool8.5
8Terry LintonSo Tired of Waiting9
9Marcus JacksonThe Levellers7
10Dave RadfordWhat can I say? PINEAPPLES!7.5
11Dave CheesmanSwimming Pool9
12Tony FernsSunrise at the Pier7
13Ian SmallWhite Dragontail9.5
14Jeremy LintottDusk Reflections8
15Dave MartinMarsh Fritillaries9
16Steve GrangerNeon9
17Andy HydeSnow Birds8.5
18Terry LintonNo Humping9.5
19Marcus JacksonAberdeenshire Oystercatcher8.5
20Dave RadfordLazer Light7
Open Competition 2 – Projected Images
1Ellen EdwardsMorning Mist in Snowdonia9
2Gareth KitchenerDecember Fields7.5
3Mike ThompsonStanding in Line9
4Dave CheesmanThree Handles7.5
5Peter WardSunrise at Wicken Fen8.5
6Greg CovingtonExmouth Chimneys8
7Terry LintonThe Start of the Evening Commute6
8Thomas PedersenLovely Path7
9Jeremy LintottScarista Beach10
10Dan KeighleyFed Up9.5
11Simon MaddisonThe Sleeping Indian7.5
12Alan CloseLady on a Leaf9.5
13Steve GrangerGeometry9
14Tony FernsIntruder in the Wheat at West Kennett7.5
15Emma GrenfellFashion Girl at Mens London Fashion Week 20208
16Tony DoddCool Waters7
17Miles MaxwellWho Will Buy?7.5
18Jenny ScottMoorland Countryside, Cumbria7.5
19Andy HydeOut of the Darkness10
20Dave MartinHomage to Kusama8.5
21Ian SmallPurple Edged Copper9.5
22Greg EvansIn The Studio10
23Jo ConwayBouquet of Barbed Wire7
24Gordon De SousaReady to Start8
25Sarah JohnsonWonders of the World10
26Dave RadfordOXO Cubed6.5
27David LeedhamSong Thrush in Morning Dew9
28Debra WellsTwo Flowers, One Ant8.5
29Martin WoottonScamp10
30Sophia PyneLonely Leaf8
31Steve LangfordEven Flow8.5
32Marcus JacksonRiding the Wall of Water9
33Ellen EdwardsThe Pods8.5
34Gareth KitchenerMoo8
35Mike ThompsonThe Green Man, Teign Valley, Dartmoor8.5
36Dave CheesmanPlanet Earth 20507
37Peter WardUnderneath the Lamplight8
38Greg CovingtonLady in Red7.5
39Terry LintonSt Pauls and Beyond9
40Thomas PedersenNight Alley7
41Jeremy LintottNewly Emerged Emerald Damselfly10
42Dan KeighleyGot The Hump7.5
43Simon MaddisonHeathrow Hotel Window View7.5
44Alan CloseSeen Better Days7
45Steve GrangerThe Shard8
46Tony FernsIsland Cemetery at Daybreak6.5
47Emma GrenfellA Brush of Colour8.5
48Tony DoddRusty Waters7
49Miles MaxwellMist Rolling in from the Sea7
50Jenny ScottPretty Polly9
51Andy HydeRust and Lava9
52Dave MartinGiants of the Woodlands9.5
53Ian SmallSquacco Heron8
54Greg EvansHeavy Flow8.5
55Jo ConwayJe ne Egret Rien8.5
56Gordon De SousaThe Stump7
57Sarah JohnsonThe Clarinetist of Ellastone8.5
58Dave RadfordBlues7.5
59David LeedhamMorris Dancers in Full Flight8
60Debra WellsAfter the Rain8
61Martin WoottonLeaving the Nest8.5
62Sophia PyneFlying High in Amsterdam6.5
63Steve LangfordReach for the Sky8.5
64Marcus JacksonStour Duckling8.5