Tripods and Night Photography – Update

Andy    January 31, 2020

On the 30th January for one of our home grown evenings, we were able to enjoy 2 presentations from a couple of our more senior club members Andy and Steve.

Ebay 1034 1
Detail of a Pan and Tilt head

The Ultimate Buyer’s guide to tripods

Andy spoke first talking about tripods. In his presentation Andy described the various features you can find on a tripod and the strengths and weaknesses of each option. The presentation also included a review of the main types of tripod head and a series of hints and tips. As part of his presentation Andy brought along a number of different tripods which the members had the opportunity to inspect close-up during the break.

Steve Granger – The Big Easy

Night Photogrpahy

After the break Steve gave a really interesting presentation on night photography showing a series of images he’d taken at different times from dusk, through the blue hour and on into the night, both in London and locally. For each of his pictures Steve described both the environment and camera settings for the images.