The Life of Lee Miller by Antony Penrose

Terry    September 26, 2019

Stevenage Photographic Society will be hosting a talk by Antony Penrose covering the photographic life of his mother Lee Miller. As well as being a ground breaking war time photographer having originally been a fashion model, Miller demonstrated many innovative artistic techniques. She led a fascinating life mixing and living with many of the leading artists of the day.

Antony Penrose’s talks have been widely praised and this provides a great opportunity to learn more about Lee Miller and her work.

Monday 21st October 2019, start time 7.45pm – 10pm.’Backstage at the Lee Miller Archive’ and ‘The Legendary Lee Miller’, by Antony Penrose.

Tickets can be purchased from the Stevenage PS website for £5 each.Please visit for more information

Antony Penrose Talk Stevenage Ps 21oct2019
Antony Penrose Talk Stevenage Ps 21oct2019