Sid (Siddiqi) Wasi

Andy    August 19, 2019
Sid 2 A

Hitchin Camera Club is sad to announce that Wasi Siddiqi member of Hitchin Camera Club passed away last week after an illness.

Sid 1

I’m sure many of the older members of the club will remember Sid who had has been a long running member of Hitchin Camera Club.

Colin and Ajar Hewett were with him when he died.   He was in Sloe Hill nursing home for 5 months then went home a week ago and then spent the last few days in hospital.

Sid was a nuclear physicist and worked at British Aerospace and International Computers. He came to the UK at 9 years old during the partition of India and Pakistan.

He was a successful breeder of fuscias and won so many prizes at the Stevenage Fuscia Society that he was barred from further competitions.

Sid was a passionate photographer and was a regular member of both Stevenage and Hitchin Camera Clubs until painful arthritis started to restrict his mobility.  

Less well known was his skill at cooking and he was very adapt at putting together an Indian banquet for friends.   Sid rarely threw anything away preferring to use them to repair other items which themselves were well past their use-by date.

Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

Andy Hyde
Chairman Hitchin Camera Club

Please find 2 additional photos of Sid, provided by his nephew Razi Ahmad Siddiqui in India who share Sid’s interest in photography.