Light Painting Tutorial and Practical

Andy    April 7, 2017

This week’s “Our members present” brought 2 very different presentations; in the first half of the evening our Chairman Andy Hyde presented another in the series of tutorials he’s been running this year. This evening’s subject was Light Painting and like all of the tutorial subjects had been requested at last year’s AGM.

In his presentation Andy compared how Light Painting was different to “normal” photography emphasising that in most “normal” photograph the light is constant through out the shot, however with Light Painting the photographer controls and changes the quality of the light and where it falls during the exposure, which might last several minutes.

Andy also outlined some camera settings to use as a starting point; highlighting that in many instances light painting goes against conventional wisdom suggesting the despite shooting in the dark choosing a low ISO setting and small aperture to extend the exposure would help make the shot.

The presentation also included guidance on what sort of equipment was needed and any accessories which would help in creating your light paintings.

Within the presentation Andy described 2 styles of light painting;

  • Flood lighting
    Where only the effects of the light are seen.
  • Light Trails
    Where the source of light itself becomes part of the picture.

During his presentation Andy demonstrated the effects of different lighting styles using torches, gels and by asking members of the audience to be light stands, models and teapots!

You can download the PowerPoint presentation Here

Practical session in the park

As part of the presentation the evening had been timed to finish a little early so that anyone who wanted to try out their new found skills on Butts Close. The practical session was well attended with around 11 members venturing off into the dark.

Here are some of the pictures produced as part of the practical.