Something Old

Tony    August 4, 2016

The following ideas have been recycled from assignments set by the Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group’s ‘Photography Out and About’ group for its members.

IMG_5835Series of Images of a Single Subject
The challenge is to produce six (or a number you choose) of different images showing a single subject of your choice in interesting ways.  Possibilities include a close-up, a long shot, monochrome, different angles, night-time shot, etc.

IMG_3420In One Room
A winter assignment to take a set of interesting images within one room of your house, using only one lens, set to a single focal length.  Could include items normally in the room, table-top set-up done for the occasion, an all-round panorama, etc.

IMG_542-3-4 Panorama
12-Shot ‘Roll of Film’

This assignment is to go to a chosen location and take just 12 shots (or 6 or any number you set in advance) to form an interesting series.  Obviously the challenge is not to take a dud, which means thinking about each picture before you press the button, and ideally about the series as a whole to ensure there is some thematic continuity.