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  • Thu

    Lecture - Macro Photography - Bob Brind-Surch

    19:45Silverbirch Room, Christchurch, Hitchin

    One of our favourite lecturers, Bob Brindsurch will be giving his presentation on Macro photography on the 24th October.

    For those who've not seen one of Bob's presentations he is an excellent presenter who really knows his stuff, and excels in the technical areas!

    Bob's actually given this presentation at Hitchin Camera Club before however it's undoubtedly (IMHO) the best of a very good set, and this will be an excellent evening. Don't forget we have the Close-up competition on the 19th March 2020 so this will be a great opportunity to brush up on your technique, and have access to a real expert.


    Drosera With Fly

    Drosera With Fly - Copyright Bob Brind-surch

    If you'd like to learn more above Macro Bob has kindly provided the following notes for us in PDF format! Macro