Religious Buildings Competition

Gareth    March 17, 2023

Here are the scores and images from the ‘Religious Buildings’ competition held on 16 March 2023 and judged by David Steel.

Digital ImagesAuthorTitleScore
1John CrouchSt Mary’s Church, Ware7
2Simon MaddisonLaos Temple6.5
3Greg CovingtonCanon’s Ashby Church8
4Dave CheesmanBuddhist Pagoda Kota Kinbalu6.5
5Thomas PedersenThe Church Lost to the Sand Dunes7.5
6Andy HydeLight on St. Andrews8.5
7David TristeA Place to Reflect7
8Simon BrayMormon Temple, Salt Lake City8
9Wendy DunsfordScience in the Cathedral7
10Gareth KitchenerAbandoned Church, Stegenhoe9
11Mark DunsfordAvebury Stones5.5
12Lee PaineCathedral Love7
13Moira SmithGolden Temple, Kyoto7
14Jenny ScottVillage Church7.5
15Dan KeighleyLet There Be Light7
16Mike O’NeillFaded Glory10
17Colin SouthwardOld Warden8.5
18Chris MillsDe Zuiderkerk Church, Amsterdam7
19Ian SmallEvening Light on Pirton Church6.5
20Paul AbrahamFallen Angel6
21Cheryl FisherChurch in Fog10
22Steve GrangerKnaresborough Church in Infra-Red5.5
23Janice McInallySundon Church – Very Old Window7.5
24Mike ThompsonMezquita Cordoba9
25Terry LintonEucharist, St James’ Garlickhythe7.5
26Emma GrenfellRock Church, Helsinki6
27Tony FernsKnowlton Norman Church within Ancient Henge9
28Sue SouthwardSelf-Portrait in Copper Font7
29Jeremy LintottMonastic Arches7.5
30Sophia PyneIt Rings A Bell10
31Toby ScottVatican Interior8
32Elizabeth ScottSanta Cecelia8
33Greg EvansWorcester Cathedral7.5
34Gordon de SousaSt Albans Abbey6
35Debra WellsBenedictine Cloister, Monreale Cathedral7.5
36Dave RadfordSt. Peters, Sofia6
37John CrouchThe Cloisters8
38Simon MaddisonVaranasi City of Temples7
39Greg CovingtonDedham Church9.5
40Dave CheesmanMonastery of Panagia, Cyprus7
41Thomas Pedersen25 Shot Panorama inside Ashwell Church9
42Andy HydeBlue and White Harmony8
43David TristeSt. Paul’s at Night6
44Simon BrayEly Cathedral9
45Wendy DunsfordSt Paul’s Cathedral in a Crowded Skyline7
46Gareth KitchenerWhat’s on at the Cathedral?6.5
47Mark DunsfordLacock Abbey7
48Lee PaineSpring Season is Here in Stevenage7
49Moira SmithSt. Mary’s, Baldock7
50Jenny ScottFlying the Flag at Half-Mast in Respect of Her Majesty’s Passing7
51Dan KeighleySt. Paul’s from a Different Angle7
52Mike O’NeillHark the Heralds8
53Colin SouthwardSun Light6
54Chris MillsSt. Mary’s, Walkern9
55Ian SmallBasilica di Santa Maria, Venice7
56Paul AbrahamStanford No hope6.5
57Cheryl FisherMidnight Mass9.5
58Janice McInallyChurch in Lanzarote9
59Mike ThompsonJonah’s View Inside the Whale, Reykjavic Cathedral8
60Terry LintonWeekday Café and Workspace, St Mary, Aldermary8
61Tony FernsSt. Andrews Dwarfed by the Gherkin6
62Sue SouthwardOrgan Pipes8
63Jeremy LintottCallanish Stones8
64Sophia PyneCharismatic Chapel7
65Toby ScottSt Peters – Morning6.5
66Elizabeth ScottA Vision of Heaven9
67Greg EvansThe New Bishop6.5
68Gordon de SousaMinsden Chapel7.5
69Debra WellsBoston Stump in Lego7.5
70Dave RadfordIcon7.5
1Moira SmithStamford Spire9
2Janice McInallyTewin Church8
3Andy HydeRemembering Aaron6.5
4Steve GrangerFalling Angel6.5
5Sue SouthwardNorwich Cathedral7.5
6Debra WellsThree Bells Ringing7.5
7Ian SmallSt Andrew’s Church, Wimpole9.5
8Dave RadfordChurch Taxis6
9Mike O’NeillAfter the Rain7
10Terry LintonSt Paul’s Cathedral8
11Dave CheesmanIgreja de Santo IIdefenson ,Porto8
12Thomas PedersenWillian Church in the Snow7.5
13Cheryl FisherSt Paul’s Cathedral9
14Marcus JacksonHas God abandoned us? Knowlton Church, Dorset8.5
15John CrouchSt Andrew’s Church, Hertford8
16Colin SouthwardRed Chapel at Cockshutt8
17Greg CovingtonMezquita Cordoba10
18Janice McInallySomewhere in Norway7.5
19Moira SmithOne Thousand Red Torri Gates7
20Ian SmallDome of the Rock, Jerusalem9.5
21Steve GrangerSt Mary’s, Snettisham8.5
22Cheryl FisherRememberance8
23Andy Hyde16 Frames7.5
24Debra WellsCathedral Damaged in Earthquake8
25Sue SouthwardRamgarnia Gurdwara8
26Terry LintonAfter the Blitz, St Dunstan’s East8
27Dave CheesmanCosenza Cathedral, Calabria10
28Colin SouthwardFor Whom The Bell Tolls7
29Marcus JacksonThe Altar in the Temple of Jupiter7.5
30Mike O’NeillReflections of St Paul’s7
31Dave RadfordChurch Reading9
32Thomas PedersenOdense Cathedral9.5
33John CrouchSt Leonard’s Church, Bengeo7.5