For Sale – updated 6th June

Andy    June 6, 2022

I’m currently selling a number of my own items and, on behalf of his family, a number of items belonging to Denis Holland who passed away recently. I’ll be listing these items on eBay soon but I wanted to give my camera club buddies first refusal.

If you’re interested in anything just Private message me on What’s App.

  • Giottos Carbon fibre tripod – SOLD
  • Longridge Duo Mount Cutter – SOLD
  • Weston Euro Master Light Meter
  • Culman multi-pod
  • Pentax ME Super – SOLD
  • Pentax Takuma 135mm f3.5 Lens – SOLD
  • Leica mini tripod – SOLD
  • Konica Auto S2 35mm Rangefinder camera
  • Manfrotto RC128 Fluid damped video tripod head


Andy Hyde

Weston Euro-Master Light meter

With so many people taking up film photography again something you’ll need is a reliable light meter. This meter is in perfect working order and comes with lanyard and leather case. The case shows a little bit of wear, but the meter inside is in excellent condition.

The sensors in these meters can deteriorate over time, however I’ve just done a back-to-back test against my Polaris flash meter for; Full sun, Open shade and Indoors and the Weston came back with exactly the same measurements! Happy to show you how to use this meter if you’re not sure.

Because this item is in such good condition and giving accurate readings I’m looking for offers or around £30. If you’re interested Private Message me.

Cullman Multipod (Monopod with support arms)

This is an unusual monopod that can be used as normal monopod extending up to 5 foot tall, however using the additional support arms the monopod can be self supporting. The support arms can be pivoted freely allowing the monopod to be stood in a corner or against a wall, however it’s real party trick is being able to be suckered to a window. This is perfect for nature photos through glass, or can be used in car.

There’s a tilt head attached with a quick release, and strap.

This item is brand new in the original packaging with instructions.

I’m looking for £10 for this… If you’re interested please Private Message me on What’s App.

Konica Auto S2 Rangefinder camera

This is 35mm Rangefinder camera with an 45mm f1.8. The camera is solidly made (all metal) and comes with a half case and strap. I’ve not film tested this but…

  • Range finder is working and links to the focus
  • The (leaf) shutter fires at all speeds from 1/500th to 1 second – B is also available
  • The aperture shuts down and opens up as expected
  • When used in auto mode (shutter priority) and the lens can be seen to shut down different amounts with the light
  • I’ve put a fresh battery in the meter is working – It seems pretty accurate in bright light but seems to over read (over expose) in low light
  • The self timer works

Looking for around £35 for this…

Manfrotto 128RC Fluid-damped Video tripod head

This is a heavy duty video tilt and turn tripod head, although intended for Video this will work well for stills photography. The degree of damping is independently adjustable for the tilt and turn. The tripod comes complete with a Manfrotto quick release plate.

Looking for £25 for this…