Centenary Event Update

Andy    May 30, 2022

What a Great day!

I’m pleased to announce our re-running of the 1922 photo-walk was a fantastic success. On the day we had over 30 attendees including a number of visitors. In honour of the original event many of the attendees brought film cameras including a Pentax from the 1960, a Zeiss Ikon from 1949 and prize for oldest camera of the day went to Greg with a 1917 Kodak Autographic!

26 X 4 May 2022 1376 Pano Pano
Film and digital cameras at work as Hitchin Camera Club recreates a photo-walk from 1922 – Andy Hyde

We were lucky to have perfect weather, lots of sunshine – Great for photos, a little cloud – Great for interesting skies, and warm but not hot – Great for a long walk in the country.

The start of the walk…

As planned we met at the station and once people had assembled our Chairman Andy Hyde, welcomed everyone, told them about the route and why we were running the event, and then finished off with the all important Health & Safety brief. Once that was done the Photo-walk started!

As the walk progressed we formed into natural groups, enjoying the chat as much as the photography.

Image 1
What you can do with a 100 year old camera – Greg Evans

Hitchin Town square provided a great source of photographic inspiration, as usual for a Saturday morning, and I think almost everyone took a photo of the Union Flag seller! Many people commented on how quickly you can get into the Countryside and took advantage of the great views, some interesting farm buildings, and of course the horse that was desperate for someone to pet him.

Img 20220403 121433
St Mary’s Church – Marking the half way point. – Andy Hyde

Many people choose to end the walk with a cup of tea back at Christchurch were they were greeted with a well earnt sit-down and small exhibition of our members work.

24 X 4 May 2022 1296 Pano Pano
Greg using the oldest camera on the event a Kodak Autographic from 1917 – Andy Hyde

Of course none of this would have happened without help from the following people;

  • Andy Hyde For doing the initial research on the original event, and preparing the detailed route map
  • Dave Howlett (Hitchin Historical Society) – For the historical “fun facts”
  • Marcus Jackson For working with Amateur Photographer and the National Media Museum
  • Lee Paine For providing refreshments at the half-way point
  • Simon Bray, Jeremy Lintott For preparing refreshments at the end point
  • OpenStreetMapFor mapping software

Well done to everyone who took part – Please enjoy our images of the day